Must Visit Australian Festivals

Together with tourism comes the fun and adventurous activities that include festivals. With Australia’s rich history of culture and tradition, tourists have a lot to look forward to with festivals around food, culture, and entertainment.

The following festivals are all dedicated to providing tourists and locals with some of the fascinating factors involving Australian traditions.

Australia Day Live

Australia Day is the country’s official national day and is celebrated each year on 26 January. The day celebrates the 1788 landing of the first fleet at Sydney Cove and the raising of the Union Flag by Arthur Phillip. The Australia Day Live festival event takes place on a celebrated day each year at the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor, hosting local Australian artists and musicians performing.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival provides a great experience in laughter and experience both local and international comedians performing their stand-up to audiences. The festival has been a popular destination bringing young and coming comedians to stardom and giving them a start in their careers. Visiting Melbourne from most of March to April will provide any tourist with a chance to witness great local comedy.

The Rocks Aroma Festival Sydney

The Rocks Aroma Festival in Sydney is one of the most astonishingly aromatic trade festivals in the world. The festival celebrates everything about beverages and food in Australia with a focus on coffee stores and food trucks. The festival brings all the most tasteful and aromatic food and coffee to the streets in Sydney and draws coffee enthusiasts from all around the world. The festival usually takes place in July each year.

Byron Bay Blues Festival

The Byron Bay Blues Festival is dedicated to the blues and brings music fans from all over the country to Byron Bay each year for a spectacular experience in live music and food. The festival is located in one of the most spectacular towns providing many accommodation options from luxury to historic hotels.

Attending any of the festivals on this list will provide tourists with some of the most interesting and enjoyable experiences with Australian culture. For the most extraordinary holiday in Australia, visit any of these festivals.