Why is Australia’s Hotel Industry Booming?

According to reports, it is predicted that Australia is planning on spending $167 billion up until 2025 on its hotel and tourism industry. This provides a great outlook on exactly how popular Australia is among travellers and tourists around the world. With the beauty, diversity, and overall warm atmosphere of the country, it’s obvious that the industry is booming.

With Australia’s beautiful landscapes and natural landmarks, there is a lot to look forward to when travelling through the country. Choosing the right destinations and including some of the most interesting cities such as Melbourne and Sydney will provide tourists with the most interesting festivals and activities.

The hotel industry in Australia has seen many extraordinary figures in popularity with tourists and travellers in recent years.

With the overall sales and bookings from hotels, 89% of revenue is seen as being generated through online sales in the United States.

Australia has a variety of landmarks and beautiful natural landscapes, providing to its popularity with tourists with hotels focused on providing their guests not only with great service, comfort, and luxury but also with a focus on their culture and traditions.

With the success of many festivals bringing tourists’ attention to Australia, the revenue in the hotel industry is set to reach $5.13 billion by the end of 2022. After 2022 the industry is expected to grow at 8.7% each year until 20226, resulting in a projected market value of $7.17 billion.

With the focus on tradition and culture in their tourism and hotel industry, tourists have a lot to look forward to, and the number of activities and places to see helps to make tourists book their holidays for longer periods of time.

There are many destinations throughout Australia focused on certain elements of tourist entertainment, providing tourists with a chance to travel far and wide while visiting the country and experiencing all that Australia got to offer.

With the statistics showing a profitable future for Australia’s hotel industry, it is well predicted to boom with more festivals and activities focused on tourists.