Top Historical Hotels in Australia

Australia has a rich history with its varied cultures and traditions. The interesting facts and formations around the country’s cultures, as well as the beautiful natural landscapes, bring many tourists to the country. Due to Australia being very popular as a touring destination, there are many different historical landmarks, including accommodations focused on sticking to their roots with historical architecture.

The following hotels are seen as historical hotels throughout Australia.

The Adina Apartment Hotel – Adelaide Treasury, Adelaide

The Adina Apartment Hotel stands as a historical hotel due to many historical events which have happened between its walls. One of its most historical moments includes the constitutional amendment to the Adult Suffrage act in 1894, which gave women the right to vote and to stand for parliament. This hotel is a great choice for tourists looking to learn more about Australian history and appreciates old architecture.

Kimpton Margot – Sydney, NSW

The Kimpton Margot Hotel occupies the former metropolitan Water Board and celebrates the same Art Deco. The building was constructed in 1939 and was once Sydney’s tallest building. With the luxurious design and heritage elements, visitors can expect an interesting stay with comfort, luxury, and a warm atmosphere. The hotel showcases over 600 artworks of famous artists, a cocktail bar, and a gourmet restaurant known as Luke’s Kitchen.

Crystalbrook Kingsley – Newcastle, NSW

Crystalbrook Kingsley is the architectural landmark of Newcastle and was once the city administration centre. The building has been given a new life under the Crystalbrook Kingsley hotel, designed by Swiss architect Rederick Romberg. Design lovers and tourists with a passion for architecture frequently visit the hotel for its pure design aesthetics.

The hotel has 130 curved rooms and suites, dining at the light-filled rooftop restaurant and a bar, and provides a lot of Australian cultural elements for tourists wanting to explore.

Hotel Kurrajong – Canberra, ACT

Hotel Kurrajong was opened in 1926 and had a rich history in Australian politics. Just a stroll away from Parliament House, visitors can get a detailed experience and knowledge of Australian politics. This is where Prime Minister Ben Chifley preferred to stay over and also stands as where he passed away. Celebrate his life with a cocktail named after the minister at the onsite Chifley’s Bar and Grill.

For a knowledgeable experience in Australian culture and history, visit any of the hotels mentioned on this list.